represents the songwriting of Sandy Craven, arranged with varied and impressive musical minds (Jeremi, Justin, Alex, and Josh).

Sandytronn has completed an EP entitled “The Walrus EP”. This record came to be by Sandy Craven writing songs and recording demos, which she then emailed to the extraordinary producer CLIIIVE (Jeremi Morris). He then built tracks around the songs, which the two of them refined together.

The result is five songs that tell three stories. A shamed wife scorned by her husband and family (These Are Ripened Fields, You Are Not My Wife). An epic battle of nurture and nature (Walrus, Animals). And finally, a lament of betrayal, defiance, and the rantings of an angry former church kid (Your Hired Man). Fun stuff!

The recordings are electronic, creepy, and cinematic. The live show gets all twirly with stoner jams.

Since completing the EP, Sandytronn has evolved from a recording project into a loving, thriving band. On keys is Joshua Wolak — experienced road musician, songwriter, and maker of the swirly sounds. On bass is Justin Goldman — front man for rock band Crack Mammoth, songwriter, and stealer of hearts. On drums is Alex Clayton — creative, inspired, lover of hip-hop and cats (not cats). On guitar and lead vocals is Sandy Craven — writer, shredder, haver of crazy hair.

Sandytronn hopes you enjoy and relate and listen. Especially listen. Always listen.